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What Is a Router for Computer Networks? 

A ballpoint pen apportions an oil-based ink by rolling a little hard circle, generally 0.5– 1.2 mm and made of metal, steel, or tungsten carbide.[3] The ink dries very quickly on contact with paper. The ballpoint pen is normally solid and comes in both modest and costly composes. It has supplanted the wellspring pen as the most widely recognized instrument for regular composition. (There are sure ballpoint pens joining various hues in a solitary barrel; the essayist or craftsman may discourage the tip with the coveted shading.) 

An extravagance ballpoint pen 

A rollerball pen administers a water-based fluid or gel ink through a ball tip like that of a ballpoint pen. The less-thick ink is more effortlessly consumed by paper than oil-based ink, and the pen moves all the more effectively over a composition surface. The rollerball pen was at first intended to join the accommodation of a ballpoint pen with the smooth "wet ink" impact of a wellspring pen. Gel inks are accessible in a scope of hues, including metallic paint hues, sparkle impacts, neon, obscured impacts, soaked hues, pastel tones, dynamic shades, shady hues, undetectable ink, transparent impact, gleaming hues, and shine in obscurity impacts. Refillable rollerball pens have as of late turned out to be accessible utilizing cartridges of wellspring pen ink. 

A wellspring pen utilizes water-based fluid ink conveyed through a nib. The ink streams from a store through a "feed" to the nib, at that point through the nib, because of narrow activity and gravity. The nib has no moving parts and conveys ink through a thin opening to the composition surface. A wellspring pen repository can be refillable or expendable; the dispensable sort is called an ink cartridge. A pen with a refillable repository may have a system, for example, a cylinder, to draw ink from a jug through the nib, or it might require refilling with an eyedropper. Refill stores, otherwise called cartridge converters, are accessible for a few pens which utilize expendable cartridges. A wellspring pen can be utilized with changeless or non-perpetual inks. 

A felt-tip pen, or marker, has a permeable tip of stringy material. The littlest, best tipped felt-tip pens are utilized for composing on paper. Medium-tipped felt-tips are regularly utilized by kids for shading and drawing. Bigger composes, frequently called "markers", are utilized for writing in bigger sizes, regularly on different surfaces, for example, layered boxes, whiteboards and for blackboards, frequently called "fluid chalk" or "writing slate markers". Markers with wide tips and splendid yet straightforward ink, called highlighters, are utilized to feature message that has just been composed or printed. Pens intended for kids or for transitory composition (similarly as with a whiteboard or overhead projector) commonly utilize non-lasting inks. Expansive markers used to name shipping cases or different bundles are typically indelible markers. 

A gel pen utilizes ink in which color is suspended in a water-based gel.[4] Because the ink is thick and obscure, it appears more obviously on dull or smooth surfaces than the commonplace inks utilized in ballpoint or felt tip pens. Gel pens can be utilized for some kinds of composing and delineation. Gel pens frequently come in brilliant or neon hues. 

A stylus pen, plural styli or styluses,[5] is a composition utensil or a little instrument for some other type of checking or forming, for instance, in earthenware. It can likewise be a PC frill that is utilized to help with exploring or giving more accuracy when utilizing touchscreens. It as a rule alludes to a thin lengthened staff, like an advanced ballpoint pen. Pens exist which contain a ballpoint tip toward one side and this kind of touchscreen stylus on the other.
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